Canada disappointed with COOL rule

01-08-2008 | |
Canada disappointed with COOL rule

It has been reported that Canada is disappointed in the USDA’s rule regarding the implementation of the mandatory country-of-origin labelling.

According to Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz, the Canadian government is concerned that the US COOL legislation may discriminate against Canadian products. “We will analyse the recently-released rule to determine the economic impacts on integrated North American markets,” said Ritz.

In June, Congress passed the 2008 US Farm Bill requiring the mandatory COOL rule for beef, lamb, pork, chicken and goat meat to be implemented by 30 September. Ritz says trade between the US and Canada, which has tripled since the passage of free trade agreements, could hinder future trade of some commodities.

“The government of Canada will continue to work with industry and the provinces and territories to minimise any impact on Canadian farmers and ranchers,” said Ritz. “Should the implementation of the rule result in undue restrictions on the exportation of any products or animal from Canada, the government will have to consider its options.”

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