Canada, Belgium: MRSA research in pigs

12-01-2007 | |

Both Belgium and Canada have announced to start research into the prevalence of the Multi Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) bacteria in pigs.

The bacteria is harmless to healthy people but could be lethal to those who are frail, hence its nickname ‘hospital bacteria’.

The bacteria is being researched in the Netherlands already.

Last year, the discovery of a connection between the bacteria and its presence in pigs, caused Dutch hospitals to treat pig producers separately until there was proof the patients involved were not contaminated.

Muscle problems

In Belgium, the bacteria is now being researched after a Flemish pig processor became ill through pigs carrying the bacteria; it caused him to be suffering from muscle problems for a long time.

The department of public health will now try to get an overview of the situation in Belgian pig industry.

Research target

In Canada, the Canadian researcher Scott Weese, attached to the veterinary faculty at Guelph University, Ontario, announced pigs and pig farmers will be the next research target. Previously, mainly research has been done to horses and horse people.

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