Cameroon subsidises erysipelas vaccination for its pigs

06-06-2012 | |

Cameroon has launched a pig vaccination programme with the threat of erysipelas rising in Cameroon’s southwest.

The vaccination programme is heavily subsidised by the Cameroonian government, and is being administered by Agbaw Takang Robert, the regional delegate for livestock, fisheries and animal industries.

He is there additionally to sensitise the farmers to the issues of erysipelas, a disease that causes skin lesions and is highly contagious.
In a three stage vaccination process, the animals are being de-wormed with LEVACIP, disinfected and VIRUNET and vaccinated with RUVAX. The Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries’ Swine Production Development Programme is supplying the funding for the vaccination programme.
The region remains on high alert for the disease.

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