Cambodia to import Yorkshire breeding pigs

12-09-2008 | |

A private company in Cambodia is set to import pigs from a breeder in Yorkshire, England, in a move that aims to improve agricultural production in Cambodia and satisfy increasing demand among consumers, reports the The Phnom Penh Post.

US$5 million
Mong Reththy, a Cambodian People’s Party senator and co-chair of the Agricultural and Agro-Industry Working Group, will spend US$5 million purchasing and importing the Yorkshire breeders.

“The only solution for meeting local demand for pork in the future is to import genuine breeders and distribute them to local pig raisers,” said Mong Reththy, who heads the agribusiness company Mong Reththy Group. “We will import 600 male and female breeders starting from December this year to February 2009,” he said, adding that the breeding program would only be successful with the cooperation of local pig farmers.

Announcement welcomed
Kao Phal, director of the Animal Health and Production Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, welcomed the announcement of the breeding program and said it was an important step towards greater sustainability.

“Cambodia currently needs about 7,000 pigs per day for domestic consumption, and Phnom Penh alone needs 1,600 per day,” he said. Cambodia currently imports about 800 pigs each day from Thailand.

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