Cambodia: Ban on pig and pork imports lifted

28-03-2008 | |
Cambodia: Ban on pig and pork imports lifted

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen announced yesterday that the government is allowing imports of pigs and pork products from neighbouring countries as food prices are increasing sharply.

Pig diseases in neighbouring countries were reported to be under control according to a report of the Cambodian veterinarian department hence, the government lifted the ban on importing pigs and pork products.

Beef and fish prices in the country have soared due to a shortage of pork products in recent times.

Cambodian Finance Minister Keat Chhon, in a statement, appealed to people to remain calm and not to stock up on foods, which could make the situation even worse.

Hun Sen commented that rising costs were “affecting the daily livelihoods of our citizens, especially workers, farmers and civil servants.”

Although rising food prices have affected many world countries, poverty is widespread among Cambodia’s population of 14 million and they have been hit hard.

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