Calabarzon pig farms free of Ebola virus

24-12-2008 | |
Calabarzon pig farms free of Ebola virus

The Department of Agriculture (DA) in the Philippines has assured that the pig farms in the provinces collectively known as the Calabarzon Region, are free of the Ebola-Reston virus.

DA IV-A Regional Executive Director Abelardo Bragas told local newspaper, The Daily Tribune that personnel of the DA have conducted blood tests on hogs in the farms of the five provinces and all of their results turned out negative for the virus.

National Meat Inspection Commission and the World Health Organization representatives also conducted examinations on the hogs in the same areas resulting in the same negative findings.

The DA official reiterated an earlier Department of Health statement that the Ebola Reston strain has not been found to affect human health and therefore the public should not be all too concerned about consuming pork tainted with the virus.

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