Bulgaria still facing Foot-and-Mouth disease

19-01-2011 | |

Another village in the country has been affected by Foot-and-Mouth disease with more animals reported to have the disease.

The village of Rezovo, Bourgas in Bulgaria have been found to be positive for the disease following blood samples that were taken from animals. The animals have been sent to slaughter.
In the midst of the animal losses, the Agriculture Minister Miroslav Naidenov stated that farmers will be compensated a 100% for their livestock.  
Hundreds sent to the slaughter
It was stated earlier this week by the National Veterinary Service that Bulgaria will slaughter 530 sheep, goats and pigs after the discovery of 37 cases of Foot-and-Mouth disease in the southern village of Kosti in the Burgas region.
The service tested 1,600 farm animals in the region after an infected boar was found near the border with Turkey on Jan. 5, the agency said. It was said by Veterinary Service that all farm animals in Kosti will be slaughtered in an effort to contain the spread of the disease.
“The outbreak of FMD in the village of Kosti was suppressed by drastic measures implemented by the authorities, and the same will be applied here in Rezovo, Veterinary Service director Dr Yordan Voinov said.
In the village of Rezovo 90 cows, 60 sheep, 50 goats and 50 pigs will be culled as a result and the area subjected to a three-month quarantine.
Source: sofiaecho.com