Bulgaria reports CSF in South East

26-02-2007 | |
Bulgaria reports CSF in South East

Bulgaria started culling some 142 pigs at the weekend to prevent a Classical Swine Fever (CSF) outbreak in the south of the country from spreading, veterinary authorities said.

The disease was detected Thursday in a farm in the village of Tenevo.

Authorities began Friday the slaughtering of all the farm’s pigs to prevent the disease from spreading further.

Protection zone
“We have set up a 3-km protection zone around the village and all animals within 10 km will be tested for the virus,” said Paskal Zhelyazkov, deputy head of the national veterinary office.

This is the second CSF outbreak reported in Bulgaria this year. In January, authorities had slaughtered some 164 infected pigs at a farm in the town of Smyadovo in the North East.

European Union
Bulgaria and neighbouring Romania – both of which joined the European Union in 2007 – are currently banned from exporting live pigs, pork and other pig products to EU countries.

Bulgaria has stopped vaccinating against the disease in the past two years in line with EU regulations.

Last week, another CSF outbreak in Russia, North East of the Black Sea, was confirmed at a 6,000 head pig farm.

The outbreak, killing 351 animals and infecting another 870, was fought by vaccination and transport restrictions.

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