Bulgaria increases CSF measures

13-10-2006 | |

Bulgaria will vaccinate wild boar to contain the spread of Classical Swine Fever (CSF), agricultural minister Nihat Kabil announced.

In a statement the ministry said, “The measure is undertaken in line with a decision of the European Commission for vaccinating wild pigs in Bulgaria against the spread of swine fever .”

Mixing feed

Hunters will be vaccinating by mixing feed placed in feeding racks around the country, while the boar will remain under constant surveillance, the statement added.
This year, veterinary health authorities have reported three CSF outbreaks in farms in South Eastern Bulgaria and slaughtered over 200 animals to contain a further spread.
The situation in Bulgaria is not half as bad as in neighbouring Romania, where a number of 500 has been reported so far.
Green light
Both countries have received the green light to join the EU in 2007. In line with European Union veterinary rules, pigs in farms cannot be vaccinated against the CSF.
Due to the outbreaks, a pork trade ban to the EU will be maintained for nine months after Bulgaria’s accession, agriculture ministry officials said.
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