British pork consumers misled by labels

06-12-2006 | |

Labelling on British pig products could be tricking consumers into thinking they are buying British pork and pork products – when they are not.

At the BBC Good Food Show, a survey by the British Pig Executive (BPEX) presented four different packs of pork to 500 people asking them to identify the country of origin.
The survey showed countryside images and the use of spurious farm names often misled consumers into believing a product was British when it was actually not.
One particular product, available in a major retailer, was believed to be British by 53% of those questioned as it had a supposed farm name on the pack and a typical meat and two vegetable pictures on the front of the pack.
The call for clarity was backed further when almost 50% of the respondents could not identify Dutch pork by the small ‘NL’ printed on the front.
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