‘British banger’ in danger as farmers battle

24-09-2007 | |

The future of the British banger is under threat due to a shortage of locally produced pork. Supermarkets have been warned that there may be a shortage of British sausages, pork chops and bacon unless the amount they pay pig farmers for their meat is increased.

There has been a 30% rise in the cost of pig feed in the past year – farmers claim they will be out of business if they are not allowed to pass on the costs.

According to producers, the industry is predicted to lose about £200 million over the coming 12 months. They are urging the big supermarkets – which between them buy 70% of Britain’s pork – to fork out more for their meat to ensure some profits.

“A year ago wheat, the main ingredient in pig feed, cost £70 a tonne. Now it’s up to £200 a tonne in some areas,” said Ian Campbell of the National Pig Association. 

Christopher Sheen, director of Musk’s of Newmarket, which has had a Royal warrant since 1907, said: ‘The industry has been through a very difficult time recently and pig farmers are feeling the pinch. Pork is a staple part of the British diet and it would be a great shame if it lost its prime place at the dining table.’


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