Breeding orgs collaborate on Piétrain boars

15-09-2009 | |

TOPIGS and SNW will now collaborate in the breeding of Piétrain terminal boars, which will result in more rapid genetic progress.

The Piétrain breeding populations of TOPIGS and SNW shall be merged. The brand name SNWPiétrain will continue to exist as equally the name Top Pie. TOPIGS will be responsible for the coordination of the breeding. Alongside the TOPIGS breeding protocol, the German TOP-Genetik test method of SNW and AI organisation GFS shall be continued. This will give the Piétrain breeding an extra boost by combining a modern breeding programme, the German breeding eye and the best genes from both breeding organisations.

The Piétrain breeding activities of SNW shall fall under the responsibility of the German organisation TOPIGS-SNW. This will guarantee a clear German base for the producers of SNW-Pietrain boars in the region where SNW is active.

Thanks to the collaboration, the German market shall gain greater access to other TOPIGS terminal boars. The TOPIGS Talent and Tempo terminal boar increasingly form an alternative for German pig producers due to the changing market demand.

The collaboration in the area of terminal boars marks the next step in the fruitful partnership between the two organisations. In 2006, TOPIGS and SNW signed a collaborative agreement in the area of sow breeding and since then, the resulting organisation has rapidly developed into the number three on the German market.