Brazilian research organisation goes Dutch

26-10-2006 | |

A Brazilian agricultural and environmental research organisation opened an office in the Netherlands last week.

Embrapa, the largest research organisation in this field in Latin America, opened its doors in Wageningen, home-base of the city of the Dutch agricultural university.

From the office, Embrapa aims to make contacts between her own institutes and those of Wageningen University and Research Centre, emphasising research and development of agriculture and environment, mainly nature conservation and biofuels.

Embrapa chose the city of Wageningen because the university is regarded as a strong partner having a worldwide reputation.

The Brazilian research organisation, represented in the US and France, will also open an office in Ghana. Together with Wageningen University, the organisation hopes to explore cooperation possibilities in Africa.

Embrapa has got 39 research institutes in Brazil. In addition, the organisation owns dozens of research trial station. They specialised in regions, products and technologies. This way Embrapa managed to contribute to productivity increase in Brazilian agriculture.


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