Brazil: Virbac to distribute vaccine to prevent post-weaning diarrhoea in pigs

31-03-2011 | |

Virbac, the 8th largest veterinarian pharmaceutical group worldwide, has concluded an exclusive Distribution and Trademark Licence Agreement with Prevtec microbia, a Canadian veterinarian laboratory, for the distribution of the Coliprotec vaccine in Brazil.

Coliprotec is a live bacterial vaccine developed by Prevtec microbia that prevents post-weaning diarrhoea in pigs. Prevtec microbia recently secured government approval for the distribution of its first vaccine in Brazil, through its subsidiary, Prevtec microbia do Brasil. Virbac will be its exclusive distributor in this emerging country, which is the third largest producer of pork in the world. The contract with Virbac, concluded with the help of the Trifermed Group, is Prevtec microbia’s first international distribution agreement.
Michel Fortin, President of Prevtec microbia stated “This distribution agreement with one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, validates the quality of the work of the research team at Prevtec, a young Canadian agro-pharmaceutical company, which started operations only 5 years ago”.
Strengthen growth in Brazil
Thierry Gozlan, Area Director of Virbac Latin America, declared that this agreement will strengthen Virbac’s already strong growth in Brazil, through its subsidiary, Virbac do Brasil Ltda. Coliprotec also consolidates Virbac’s recent entry into the market segment of food-producing animal vaccines.
Coliprotecis a pure culture of non virulent E. coli bacteria, administered orally to piglets in their drinking water. A healthy alternative to antibiotics, it can be easily, safely and economically used for prophylaxis. Unlike antibiotics, the efficacy of Coliprotec does not reduce with use. “Coliprotec perfectly fits Virbac’s thrust towards promoting responsible use of veterinary medicines”, said Thierry Gozlan.
Brazil a world class swine producer, is expected to increase its production and export and has undertaken to improve its production methods. “Being a vaccine, and not an antibiotic, Coliprotec is in accordance with best practices in the care and feeding of food-producing animals and can enhance production performance”, stated Michel Fortin.