Brazil: pork import quota talks with Russia

13-02-2009 | |

Brazilian government officials plan to discuss with Russia import quotas for pork, said Pedro de Camargo Neto, president of the Brazilian Pork Industry and Exporter Association (Abipecs), this week.

Dow Jones Newswire quoted De Camargo Neto, saying that “Brazil recently saw its quota reduced and wants to gain a quota of around 50,000 metric tonnes of pork this year to Russia.” Russia is Brazil’s number one customer for pork.©

According to the news agency Estado, a delegation from Brazil will pay a visit to Russia between 14 and 21 February to discuss the quotas.

In December, Russia increased its quota for US pork from 50,000 to 100,000 tonnes, while the quota for ‘other countries’, e.g. Brazil, were reduced from 197,100 to 177,500 tonnes.

Although Brazil shipped between 250,000 and 260,000 tonnes of pork to Russia in 2008, and thus was clearly above its quota. According to Camargo, a framework of quota would offer better prices and above all planning security.

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