Brasil Foods exports first shipment of pork to China

01-03-2012 | |
Brasil Foods exports first shipment of pork to China

Today, Brasil Foods (BRF) is sending its first pork shipment to China. The meat will be sold through the partnership with Hong Kong group Dah Chong Hong Ltd. (DCH). The group will distribute products in China and will also process meat in local units.

Brasil’s facilities in Verde, in Goiásis state is the first facility to send meat, it is one of three facilities which have been given permission by Chinese officials to process and ship meat to China.
“Access to the Chinese market is a milestone for both BRF and Brazil, providing a promising outlook for Brazilian agribusiness,” the company said.
Under the Brasil Food’s partnership with DCH, the Chinese firm will work with Brasil Foods to develop the Brazilian group’s Sadia brand and distribute products in the retail and foodservice markets in continental China, Hong Kong and Macau.
According to BRF, it estimates that 140 thousand metric tonnes of product will be traded, with revenues of about US$450m.
The authorities have only thus far approved deboned pork to be sent to China. Pork on-the-bone is yet to become an export reality, with licensing plants in the state of Santa Catarina being under review for on-the-bone meat.
Source: macauhub