BPEX: Water-saving advice for pig farms

23-04-2012 | |

Practical steps to save water and money on pig farms have been published by BPEX. There are a number of short-term and long-term measures producers can take to conserve water in this latest Knowledge Transfer (KT) Bulletin.

BPEX environment project manager Anna Davis said: “Both drought and flooding can cause water shortage and lead to higher costs for the water used. There are plenty of things producers can do to limit the impact on their businesses.
“First steps include checking for leaks, pipe work maintenance and checking pig drinkers are correctly positioned to limit waste. Some producers may also want to look at longer-term solutions such as rainwater harvesting.”
Water is fundamental to pig production, from satisfying the pig’s basic freedom from thirst, to maintaining animal heath via effective cleaning and disinfection. It is also a legal requirement that all pigs have ready access to good quality, clean water.
The bulletin covers:
•   Leaks
•   Pressure washing
•   Boreholes
•   Drinkers
•   Flow rates
•   Wet/dry feeders
•   Diet
•   Weather
•   Rainwater collection
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