BPEX warns pig producers: don’t waste water

18-05-2009 | |

Britain’s pig producers are being warned not to waste water and to pay more attention to protecting fresh water resources.

The warning comes as concern grows over the growing pressure on the country’s clean fresh water resources.

“We can’t take it for granted any longer that there will always be an adequate supply of water, especially if you are a farmer,” said a spokesman for the British Pig Executive (BPEX) last week.

“Pig producers need to pay particular attention to wallows, drinkers and water tanks, as well as pipes and connection to prevent leakage, or contamination of mains supplies.

BPEX’s concern over future water supplies was supported by the UK Environment Agency (EA), which is charged with protecting the country’s water resources.

“There are significant pressures on water resources which affect both the water environment and water supplies. There are many catchments where there is little or no water available for abstraction during dry periods,” said a spokeswoman for the EA on Thursday.

“Pressures are greatest in South East and Eastern England because of them being the driest parts of England and Wales, coupled with the highest population density and household water use. The demand for water to irrigate crops in East Anglia also adds to the pressure on resources during the driest times of the year.

“Over the next 30 years, there will be increasing pressures from the rising population and associated development. Looking further ahead, the impact of climate change could have a major impact on the water that will be available for all uses.”

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