BPEX report: More pork meat being purchased

23-05-2011 | |

The good news is people are buying more pork, bacon, ham and sausages according to a new category report published by BPEX.

But some of the growth has come from imports at the expense of welfare-friendly assured pork produced to Red Tractor standards according to the report, called Nourishing Growth with Pork.

The previous report, in 2006, said there were signs people were returning to traditional values on food and cooking but then came the recession.

The report was produced by AHDB Market Intelligence and Consumer Insight Manager Richard Cullen said: “There is still much uncertainty but signs are emerging about how consumers are adapting to the changing circumstances.

“The positive news to emerge is that volume sales of pork have increased over the past few years – indeed, pork is the only red meat to have recorded consumption growth.

“In figuring out how to make the family budget go further, consumers have recognised pork’s value-for-money and appreciated its taste and versatility.

“It would be remiss not to mention the fact that, most recently, some of that growth has been at the expense of high welfare, quality assured pork such as that produced to Red Tractor standards as some retailers have sucked in cheaper imports produced to lower welfare standards, of which much would be illegal to produce in this country.

“The pig industry is campaigning on this very issue under the Pigs Are Still Worth It campaign theme.

“The good news remains, however, that consumers are buying more pork, bacon, ham and sausages as we emerge from recession.”

The report is available to download from www.bpex.org.uk/latestnews.aspx
Source: BPEX