BPEX: Red Tractor logo being used by more

17-08-2011 | |

The number of catering butchers using the Red Tractor logo has doubled in the last year according to BPEX Foodservice sector manager Tony Goodger.

Three of the five largest suppliers are now using the logo and there are hopes even more will be recruited in the near future.
Mr Goodger said: “We are working towards getting more abattoirs involved which in turn means more catering butchers will be able to participate.
“I believe there are three main reasons for the increase, the first is the forthcoming Olympics because these firms all wish to be involved in supplying.
“Secondly, BPEX has been making strenuous efforts to promote high quality pork and pork products, such as that carrying the Red Tractor, to the foodservice sector and finally a lot of work has been done to improve the accessibility of Red Tractor to the sector.”
The Red Tractor logo is an easily recognisable symbol of quality food that’s affordable and safe to eat.
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