BPEX launches revamped website

26-01-2012 | |

The BPEX website has been given a makeover to make it easier to navigate around the vast amount of information it contains.

BPEX Head of Communications Andrew Knowles said: “The aim of the website is to be a one-stop shop for anybody wanting to find out about pig production and the pig meat market whether they are looking for prices, production and technical information, feed costs or the latest marketing campaigns.
“Much hard work has gone on behind the scenes to make the site as easy as possible to navigate but still with all the relevant information.”
The home page has a fresh clean look with much the same information as before but presented in a different way.
Each section is colour coded so surfers will always know where they are, which is part of the drive to make navigation easier.
The website can be found at the same address as before: www.bpex.org.uk