BPEX: In-depth look at pig production and performance

05-04-2011 | |

An in-depth look at the pig production and performance work carried out by BPEX in the past year has been published – BPEX’s Annual Technical Report 2010-2011.

BPEX’s Annual Technical Report 2010-2011, is a compilation of its activities in knowledge transfer and research and development – all designed to help producers improve physical pig performance, herd health and environmental management.
BPEX Technology Translator Miriam Drewett said: “The Two Tonne Sow (2TS) programme continues to be at the centre of the Knowledge Transfer team’s work, with the aim to ensure that as many producers as possible have all the knowledge at their finger tips to achieve the two tonne target. It has focused on gilt management, reproduction and farrowing to date.”
The report dedicates a chapter to examples of practical on-farm solutions that the Knowledge Transfer team has delivered, providing ideas and advice for other producers who are experiencing similar challenges as they work towards better business performance.
Likewise, university departments and commercial companies can see at a glance all the areas of research and development currently underway and spot potential opportunities to work with BPEX and contribute further knowledge to benefit the English pig industry.
Copies of the report are available from the regional Knowledge Transfer Managers or can be ordered by calling 0247 647 8792 or emailing kt@bpex.org.uk with a postal address to send it to. It is also available online and can be downloaded from www.bpex.org.uk/2TS/resources.aspx