BPEX highlights importance of Chinese market

06-06-2011 | |
BPEX highlights importance of Chinese market

Highlighting the importance of the Chinese market, BPEX sent two missions to China in May. The British stand at the CAHE animal breeding exhibition in Qindao in conjunction with the British Pig Association was attended by the five main British pig breeders.

This also included a presentation of British genetics to the Global Pig Forum which took place before the fair. China is the major area of development for British genetics and a number of large developments are taking place. 
The main four pork processors representing 70% of UK pork throughput attended the CIMIE meat exhibition in Beijing organised as part of a 20-strong group, the largest ever to go to China from the meat and livestock sector. This event is particularly relevant as the UK has now direct access to the Chinese market.
The pig world is increasingly linked to China. Half the world pork is already produced there and the Far East will provide 70% of the 1.9% production growth in years to come, with China and, to a lesser extent, Vietnam providing the bulk of the extra pigs.
BPEX head of Export, Jean-Pierre Garnier said: “China produces and consumes about half the world’s pork and, over the next ten years, the Chinese pig sector will undergo a fundamental revolution. It is vital for the UK pig breeders, the leaders in this field to accompany the Chinese industry in this transformation.
“Of course, we are facing tough competition from European and North American pig breeders but the Chinese tend to favour British pigs for a number of traits leading to optimum profitability and for the high quality of the breeding stock.
“The British pig industry has ambitious sales objectives for China, the largest market in the world, and our presence at the Global Pig Forum and the CAHE exhibition is an important step in achieving these objectives.
“As far EU pork exports to China are concerned, analysts are optimistic. Demand is growing and Chinese production still faces difficulties. The EU is also able to compete on the vast Chinese market for fifth quarter from the carcase.”
Source: BPEX