BPEX: focus on environmental strategy

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BPEX: focus on environmental strategy

The British Pig Executive (BPEX) has released a discussion document on understanding, developing and simplifying environmental strategy.

The discussion document, called Pig Industry Environment Strategy (PIES) , is the result of a steering group that was aimed to address issues concerning environmental strategy.

The idea behind this is that word environment might strike terror into the heart of a pig producers, but it need not be, according to BPEX.

Key aims
The key aims of the document are:

• Fewer inspections, less red-tape

• Premiums for ‘green’ products, to help offset the cost of environment legislation

• Reduced energy and water costs

• Creation of an environment forum to work with the supply chain, government and regulators, to help deliver better regulation, better prices through the chain, and well-informed, happy customers

• A knowledge hub to keep producers informed and to help them get it right

• Proven delivery via quality assurance bolt-ons

BPEX chairman Stewart Houston said, “We can’t carry on as we are. We simply have to reduce the burden of environmental regulation while at the same time we need a significant improvement in our environmental performance.”

“PIES will develop tools to manage the impacts of pig farming on the environment, demonstrate economic benefits from improved environmental performance and identify the research needed to advance our environmental performance.”

The Steering Group believes PIES can offer benefits to producers including better use of resources, reduced impact on the environment, greater awareness among stakeholders, better regulation and a more popular ‘greener’ product.

Comments on the discussion document can be posted until Friday, May 25.

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