BPEX: Films – sausage production and pork cutting

27-08-2010 | |

How do they do that is a question often posed and now BPEX is setting out to answer it. Two short films are in production which will be available on the lovepork.co.uk website, one covering sausage production and the other a pork cutting demonstration.

The overview of sausage production has been done and will be posted in the next few weeks while filming has just finished on the other.
BPEX Butchery Development Manager Keith Fisher said: “The first doesn’t give recipes but explains the processes behind making a traditional butcher’s pork sausage.
“The cutting demonstration starts with a whole side of pork which is taken down to primal, or wholesale, cuts and then finally to cuts consumers would buy from the butcher or supermarket.
“It is highly skilled and ends up with lovely looking cuts of pork which will tempt the consumer.
Source: BPEX