BPEX: Feed crisis pack

23-03-2011 | |

The biggest and most important single cost for pig producers is feed; on average it accounts for almost 60% of total production costs.

It is no exaggeration to state that global rises in the price of feed are the biggest threat to the sustainability of English high welfare pig production and processing.
Wheat is the main ingredient of pig feed and its price is keenly observed by the whole of the pig industry. The market for wheat has been very volatile in recent years with huge price rises brought about by poor harvests and a growing demand, not least for the production of bio fuels. Prices of other key ingredients, such as soya, have also increased.
The price of wheat has risen sharply to more than £170 per tonne – its highest level since April 2008. There is no sign of any respite; the futures market indicates that this high price is set to continue well into 2011. The consequences for English pig producers: a 20% increase in feed costs – that’s an extra 14% on total production costs.
The documents below discuss a range of ways for making efficiencies and reducing feed waste through the weaner and finisher stages to secure the best net margin you can.
Source: BPEX