BPEX: Critical snapshot of pig industry

07-01-2011 | |

A vitally important document will be dropping on the doormats of producers, vets, processors and the allied industry over the next few days. The annual BPEX confidence survey is a key snapshot of the industry and the more who complete it the better it reflects the state.

The survey, now in its fifth year, has proved its worth charting the progress of the industry, giving a greater understanding of the factors that affect it.
BPEX Communications Manager Andrew Knowles said: “It is important all those who receive it fill it in as it is the only barometer we have of the British pig industry.
“Last year, the results showed confidence was up among both producers and suppliers but things have changed dramatically since then and it will enable to see just how big an impact feed prices have had.”
The survey is also available to download here.
Previous survey results can be found here.

Source: BPEX


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