Bouwimpex improves the safety of livestock sheds

21-05-2012 | |

Fires in livestock sheds cost the lives of thousands of animals every year. Bouwimpex is the first firm to offer a ready-made solution: the plastic Bouwplast-plus FR (Fire-Resistant) panels which have been tested and approved to fire class B.

Fire safety in livestock sheds and agricultural buildings is in the spotlight. During the last five years more than a million animals have perished in livestock shed fires in the Netherlands alone. Separate from the major suffering of the animals, a shed fire also has major consequences for the farmer; both financially and emotionally. The government is currently considering measures to limit the consequences of livestock shed fires.
Forward-thinking pig farmers are planning for the future and can now incorporate fire safety into their new-build sheds.
Completely new production method
Plastic panels are mainly used as walls when building livestock sheds. These plastic walls are quicker to install, they are more flexible and are less expensive than a brick-built wall. A disadvantage is that plastic is more sensitive to fire. The company has removed that disadvantage. The Bouwplast-plus FR panels are the first to have been tested and approved by TNO for fire class B.
By working closely with the plastics industry a unique and completely new production method has been developed, as a result of which these FR panels are compliant with fire class B.
Fire class B
The FR panels have been tested and they conform to fire class B (Euro Class B). With its Bouwplast-plus FR panels, the company offers pig farmers a fire-safe solution for the increasingly more stringent fire and safety requirements for agricultural buildings in the Netherlands.