BOCM Pauls’ online pig carcass analysis system goes global

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BOCM Pauls has rolled-out its Dataporc online pig carcass analysis system to pig famers worldwide. Constantly updated in conjunction with feedback from current users, the system now embraces the latest software, on-farm recording programmes and evolution within the industry.

Already available to a number of UK producers, due to its ability to facilitate real-time communication of key carcass information from processor to farmer, the system enables management decisions on farm that influence returns on pigs currently in production.

The system is now available in two forms – ‘Dataporc Home’ for those who want to own, manage and utilise all its features to suit their own particular circumstances and ‘Dataporc Desk’ for farmers preferring to leave its operation to the company’s specialist team on short term contract or as and when required.  Costs are related to the program format and factors selected.

Features of the programme, in either version, allow the producer to rapidly assess the effect of a changing contract thus helping to optimise potential financial returns. The cost of sending pigs for processing out of specification – over or underweight – can also be calculated.  The programme also makes possible the financial evaluation of the effects of selling pigs early or growing them on. 

The programme can also be used to accurately calculate the revenue that should be received for each and every pig/ batch/ load sent away. The performance data recorded will enable producers/ managers to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses on the farm or unit providing the opportunity to incentivise staff accordingly.

“Dataporc is particularly valuable when it comes to changing contracts,” said Louise Radford who manages the programmes. “It will help to indicate how a different contract will affect returns using previously stored physical and financial data to determine the financial implications to the business.” 

Other features include: Contract negotiation; carcass management – the cost of out of specification pigs and reaching the financial potential of pigs; payment auditing and performance management.

“Our overall objective in developing Dataporc is to help producers maximise the financial potential of their pigs. Either of the two programs will provide an effective way of doing this on large or small units wherever situated. At present over 12,000 pigs a week are recorded in the UK on the Dataporc home system. Interest is being shown in Ireland, France and Spain. “No matter where the subscriber is located – in any part of the world – we can offer on-line technical back-up support service and, if required, full training on use and implementation of the system,” added Louise.

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