BOCM Pauls expands operations in Finland

27-06-2011 | |

BOCM Pauls’ International Division has expanded its sales operations in Finland with the formal appointment of two well-known Finnish companies as sales agents and distributors for its range of pig feeds.

Executives of VetAgro Oy and Feedex Oy signed the relevant agreements when they visited the BOCM Pauls’ feed mill at Burston, Norfolk recently.
Both companies are privately owned. VetAgro Oy, Hameenkoski, is a specialist feed industry and veterinary medical consulting company and is acting as BOCM Pauls sales agents for the whole of Finland. Feedex Oy, Kolppi, already well known in the feed sector, has become a BOCM Pauls’ distributor of pre-starter and starter pig feeds, concentrates and sow premixes, also providing nutritional advice to producers supported by VetAgro.
 “We have been researching the market opportunities for pre-starter feeds with VetAgro for over two years and have carried out many trials based on our BOCM Pauls feeding programmes. Results have been exceptional and with Feedex now distributing the products in one of the key pig producing areas in Finland. Our market share is predicted to grow rapidly, “commented BOCM Pauls International Director Tony Suckling.
Tom Danter, BOCM PAULS Key Account Manager for Finland, added: “Indeed although we commenced with pre-starter and starter feeds, due to demand the range has already been expanded to include grower and sow concentrates. Sales are excellent and farm reports are positive.”
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