Blu’Hox: new feeder for freshly weaned piglets

08-06-2009 | |
Blu’Hox: new feeder for freshly weaned piglets

Roxell has introduced a new feeder pan for piglets from 5 kg until 30 kg. The pan is available in two standard versions: Blu’Hox 30 with 6 feeding places for maximum 40 piglets and Blu’Hox plus 30 with 10 feeding places for maximum 70 piglets.

The feeding places are separated by a grill. This way all piglets get optimum feeding chances, avoiding stress and achieving an excellent uniformity. Blu’Hox is available in a model for central installation as well as one for installation in the separation fence.

The feed hopper is asymmetric to guarantee an excellent feed flow. The rotor turns very smoothly thus allowing even the smallest piglets to dispense the feed into the pan very easily.
Depending on the version of Blu’Hox the feeder pan has 4 or 6 weaning nipples.

The pan rim is designed as a handy step up to make sure that all piglets can reach the nipples. Every piglet determines its own individual feed and water mix.
Because water and feed are located in the same spot this can lead, especially with meal, to a considerably improved daily growth. A higher weight of 1,5 to 2 kg at the end of the nursery period in comparison with dry feeders is not exceptional.

Users in Holland and Belgium who have been testing Blu’Hox for more than a year are excited about the new feeder. One general observation is the continuous activity at and around the feeder pan. The piglets clearly instigate each other to eat and drink.

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