Biomin achieves environmental recognition

19-10-2011 | |

Animal health and nutrition company Biomin was recently recognised for its efforts related to environmental sustainability through the award of the internationally recognised ISO 14040 certification.

The climate change and greenhouse gases debate urgently needs solid, scientific data and Biomin is proud to be able to play its part, according to Franz Waxenecker, the company’s Director for Innovation Management.
“Biomin is totally committed to fully understanding the life cycle assessment of its individual business processes in the area of environmental sustainability,” he said.
Interest in CO2 emissions continues to grow, and all stages of the production chain – from feed manufacture and animal husbandry to slaughter, processing and retail – are now under increasing pressure.
To foster a deeper and more accurate understanding of livestock production’s contribution, Biomon has scrutinised its own processes, so gaining ISO accreditation.
By optimizing feed use and improving animal performance, it is possible to reduce emissions from livestock operations. For example, studies have shown that 1ton of CO2 invested in a Biomin product reduced CO2 equivalent emissions in broiler production by up to 128 tons.