Big fire at New York Pork

13-11-2006 | |

A mammoth blaze at the New York Pork and Meat Exchange in Toronto (Canada) last week kept fire crews busy through the day with repeated flare-ups.

No living animals were caught up in the blaze, said CFIA provincial spokeswoman Marilyn Taylor, and none of the burned carcasses of already-slaughtered animals will enter the food supply. They will instead be disposed of in the “most safe” way possible, likely either through incineration or rendering.

The fire started early Monday and burned for hours. The sturdily designed building made the job more difficult for firefighters who had to break through metre-thick walls in some places.

Constable Kristine Bacharach, taking questions on behalf of the Office of the Fire Marshal, called it speculative to say the fire was suspicious, and added an investigation could take several days.

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