Big Dutchman – annual sales conference on Bali, Indonesia

02-12-2011 | |
Big Dutchman – annual sales conference on Bali, Indonesia

Big Dutchman Asia brought together its Asia Pacific sales team and experts from various divisions of the company for its annual sales conference on the beautiful island of Bali.

During the 3-day conference, the team listened to feature presentations, discussed and reviewed strategies and plans for enhancing business opportunities in the region.
Jan Hofstede, president for the Big Dutchman Asia-Pacific region said the conference had proven to be a good platform for exchanging ideas for each other’s market and evaluating the customers’ needs in different market segments. The result was a comprehensive overview of market trends and developments for the region.
The annual get-together also aimed at fostering team spirit. This successful event was hosted by Big Dutchman Indonesia.
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