Big Dutchman acquires AP’s feeding section

13-05-2009 | |

Big Dutchman (Skandinavien) has taken over the feeding part of AP Company of 2009.

Throughout the years AP Company has been using Howema control systems for their computer-controlled feeding systems and sorting scales (Trisort) for porkers in large groups, and as Howema is currently owned by the Big Dutchman group, the takeover is a quite natural development.

So far Big Dutchman (Skandinavien) has been most known in Denmark for their wet feeding systems and mills. Through the takeover of AP Company of 2009 the company aims to reach a larger group of potential customers, with Big Dutchman (Skandinavien) expecting to obtain a good deal of synergy by combining AP’s dry feeding systems with computer-controlled systems from Big Dutchman.©

Through the takeover Big Dutchman (Skandinavien) is expecting to become more competitive on dry feeding systems, as it will now be possible to offer a wider product range, which will in the future consist of the best elements from the two companies.

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