Betagro to focus on hygienic pork business

13-10-2008 | |

Betagro Group, one of Thailand’s leading integrated agribusiness groups, has announced the opening of its advanced SPF (specific pathogen free) pig breeding farm to supply breeders for its S-Pure brand pork processing plants and frozen processed food manufacturing plants.

The new 190 million baht pedigree pig farm, is aimed at tapping the growing demand for hygienic pork products in both the local and international markets, especially Japan, says Betagro Group SVP Kriengmas Punchai, in charge of swine integration.

Production capacity
The 324-rai farm (518,400 m2), located in Lop Buri, Betagro’s production hub, has the production capacity to breed 4,200 pedigree pigs and is able to provide individual farmers and contract farms with up to 100,000 pigs per year.

According to Punchai, the domestic market demand for hygienic pork products has high growth potential, thanks to rising demand both from domestic consumers and international markets, particularly from Japan’s food leaders, Ajinomoto and Sumitomo, with whom Betagro, has in the past formed a number of joint-venture companies.

Betagro’s pork business this year, he says, should add about three billion baht in revenue to the group, while Betagro’s total revenue, mainly from the export of chicken and animal feed sales, is estimated at more than 40 billion baht by the end of this year.

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