Belgium: Promise for new system for pig prices

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Belgian pig processor Westvlees has announced changes in its system of creating prices for pork after angry producers had blocked and demonstrated outside the plant earlier this week, the website of the Flemish Info Centre for Agri- and Horticulture (VILT) reports.

After a discussion between the protesting producers and the plant’s board of directors, in Westrozebeke, Belgium, the company also guaranteed prices would be increased by €0.02.

Producers had been disgruntled since they felt that prices paid for pigs in Germany were consistently better than in Belgium – and saw this as a lack of respect towards them.

Price commission

Westvlees is one of the more important slaughterhouses in Belgium – hence the company is important in trendsetting with regard to pig prices.

“We have agreed to develop a proposal for a price commission, in which all chain members, from producers to traders, are included,” said Jos Claeys, Westvlees director.

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