Belgium: Construction of a new pig test farm

25-09-2009 | |

The Belgian Trial and Education Centre for Agriculture (PVL) will construct a new test farm for pigs, the Flemish website VILT announced.

The pig house, to be built in the centre’s location in Bocholt, will house improved feed trials and practical tests, relevant for the pig industry. Investments amount to €622,000.

Feed trials
At the moment, the PVL owns a sow house in which predominantly feed trials are conducted with sows and piglets. However, since the demand to on-farm trials in pig production is large, a new trial farm for finishing pigs was necessary.

One of the themes to be researched is how better to deal with resourcing energy from grains, seeds and biofuels in pig production.

The PVL was founded in 1989 to research feed growing and livestock house infrastructure for pigs and dairy cattle.

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