Belgian pig producers block pork processor

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At least hundred Belgian pig producers have been blocking the doors of the Westvlees slaughterhouse in Westrozebeke, Belgium, since early this morning and threaten to continue the blockage all day, the Flemish Info Centre for Agri- and Horticulture (VILT) reports.

The blocking, organised by the Flemish union for pig producers (Veva) and the independent agricultural organisation ABS, has been organised as it is strongly felt that Westvlees does not respect pig producers. Other producers are being called on not to deliver any meat to the slaughterer during the rest of the week.

Influence on pig prices
Westvlees has a strong influence on Belgium’s pig prices. According to Geert Wallays, Veva chairman, Westvlees does insufficiently take into account price rises in Germany. “Two weeks after another, the German organisation for swine production (ISN) has been showing €0.04 more per kg slaughterweight. Westvlees has only been raising prices twice, with €0.02. We fall short €3/pig.”

Yesterday, French pig prices were also criticised with some producers pulling their animals away from auctions.

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