Belarus government steps up pig breeding development programme

30-05-2011 | |

In Belarus, liveweight pork production for the years 2011-2015 has to grow by more than 1.5 times up to 630 tonnes per year.

This was stated in the Republican programme for reconstruction, technical re-equipment and building farms for pig breeding in this period of time, which was approved by the country’s Council of Ministers on May 5, reports the website

The programme aims to increase production and improve the efficiency of swine production industry, as well as providing the high quality pork to Belarusian citizens and processing industry in conditions of sustainable development of the market. In the course of the programme it is planned to build 72 pig breeding complexes with complete production cycle, as well as 38 new reproduction workshops at the existing complexes.

Breeding farms

In addition, also five breeding farms for will be constructed and six pedigree breeding reproducers. At full capacity the new liveweight pig reproduction facilities are expected to reach 650 tonnes per year by 2018. Reconstruction and technical re-equipment are also planned for all 107 existing pig farms.

In total, reconstruction, technical re-equipment and building farms for pigs breeding will be invested more than Belarusian rouble (Br) 10 trillion (US$3.16 billion). Almost Br 9. 9 trillion ($3.13 billion) comes from private funds of banks, investors and foreign credit lines; Br103. 3 billion ($32 million) is derived from own funds of pig farms and complexes.

(Vladislav Vorotnikov)