Bayer Animal Health concepts and services for swine at EuroTier 2010

01-11-2010 | |

New impetus for animal health management Bayer introduces new concepts and services for the animal health management in cattle, swine and poultry livestock production

This year’s appearance of Bayer Animal Health at the EuroTier 2010 (hall 15, stand D 36) will deliver new stimuli for animal health management. Interested farmers and veterinarians will be provided with new concepts, current practical experiences and novel services regarding the animal health management in cattle, swine and poultry livestock production. Main topics will be the management of mastitis and a compendium on health management of suckling piglets.
Mastitis road map for cattle
As a new service tool for cattle production Bayer will present a mastitis road map. This handy, post card sized compendium on the mastitis management systematically enlists all steps from sample analysis, identification of pathogens and the antibiotic selection based on culture and sensitivity, respectively. This service is completed by practical advice for the appropriate milk sampling, the correct intra mammary antibiotic treatment as well as for the optimized dry cow feeding.
Pig breeding: Tips for healthy nursery
At the EuroTier, Bayer will launch an innovative piglet handbook. It gives a detailed overview of all steps and measures required for a good health management during the first weeks of life. The new guide starts with the prenatal sow management and provides the reader with numerous practical advices for the management of suckling piglets. Its handy design allows an easy storage in the trousers or the overall pockets. The robust and user-friendly index cards enable fast access to every topic.
The profitability of a coccidiosis prophylaxis – A calculation tool On the basis of current data, Bayer experts developed a calculation tool in order to display the cost-benefit ratio of coccidiosis prophylaxis. Matched to the respective farming situation, this tool can easily calculate the economic benefits of coccidiosis prophylaxis for the producer. At the Bayer booth, interested pig breeders can get a free individual cost evaluation of the economic impact for their farm.
Effective elimination of rodents in farming “Bay-Tool” is the current program for the control of rodents in agricultural farm facilities ( Using Google Maps the farmer will get a true-to-detail plan of his farm as a basis for a tailored elimination plan.
This new tool enables the farmer for the first time to conduct and document the most effective measures to control rodents at his farm.
New online services and attractive prices Farmers, who directly register at the Bayer booth for the free BayerFarm online service, get a key ring in cow or swine design.
Furthermore, all subscribers will automatically participate in a raffle with prizes, including iPhones, bags made of real cow fur and Mukka espresso makers. During the fair, visitors can also register online at to take part in the raffle. During the EuroTier, Bayer Animal Health will also expand its online-services and present the first free “Agrar App” for livestock production the internet-based TV program BayerFarm. TV for producers will be available as an “App” for the iPhone.