BASF transfers feed additive business

30-01-2008 | |

German chemical company, BASF, has announced the transfer of its Formi® feed additive business to Addcon Nordic AS.

The move is designed to allow BASF’s Nutrition Ingredients business to concentrate their respective activities more on the supply of liquid organic acids.

Formi is solid potassium diformate synthesised from formic acid and is used in the pig farming industry.

In recognition of its antimicrobial activity, Formi was authorised by the European Union in 2003 for use as an alternative to conventional in-feed antibiotics.

Formi has already been manufactured for BASF at Addcon’s Porsgrunn (Norway) production site since 2002, it has been marketed by BASF’s Nutrition Ingredients business so far.

Full responsibility for global marketing and distribution of Formi will transfer to Addcon during the first quarter of 2008.

As a leading global manufacturer of formic and propionic acid, BASF will continue to be a supplier of liquid organic acids to the animal feed industry.

About Nutrition Ingredients of BASF
BASF’s Nutrition Ingredients business unit is a leading supplier of food ingredients and feed additives. The product portfolio for animal nutrition includes vitamins, carotenoids, enzymes, organic acids, omega-6s and other feed additives.

About Addcon Nordic AS
ADDCON Nordic AS is dedicated to the production of formate-based products that provide ecological solutions for several industries.

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