Barcodes: “MIX – Mobile Information Xtraction“ Clever in Seconds

01-11-2010 | |

In the future, codes will be attached to WEDA feeding units so that operators will be able to scan them into their mobile phone. The practical use: this way, applicants can now gain important information all around the clock which immediately appear inhigh resolution on the display of the mobile phone.

Increasingly, mobile phones and smartphones are becoming permanent and constantcompanions for unit operators. Not without reason because with the aid of these devicesthey are able to use more and more meaningful applications on the base of mobileinternet. Input and readability via phone keyboard or touchscreen should, however, be user-friendly. This was the principal idea which modelled the development of the “MIX –
Mobile Information Xtraction“.
In order to put this idea into practice, WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH as the first agricultural enterprise provide their units with the two-dimensional point codes. The WEDA system uses the so-called QR codes as information carrier and thus enables the user very quick insight into relevant technical processes. The symbols encrypt data above a black/white pattern of points. Thus way, the operator who makes use of his mobile phone for scanning and as a reading device quickly gains replacement terms, hints for service and maintenance, operating instructions or adjustment parameters he requires.
At present, the technical mobile phone prerequisites for the use of “MIX – Mobile Information Xtraction“ are current mobile phone options like an integrated camera for scanning as well as an internet flat rate for the processing and reading of the information provided via server. Modern mobile phones of the Smartphone category are already fulfilling (with the exception of a comprehensive pre-installed QR reader application for mobile barcodes) all requirements for the importation and processing of QR codes.
Once these preconditions are given the application can start: load QR reader on mobile phone, start QR software, take a photo of the code – and you get immediate access to all information required. The readers are lean programs which as a rule can be installed via internet – free of charge and fast – to the respective mobile terminal. Incidently, WEDA customers can still receive on demand all relevant documents in written or digital form.
The advantages at a glance:
• Quick information to mobile phone
• Permanent access to service-related pages
• Extremely fast insight into technical processes
• Immediate access to operating instructions, replacement parts lists
• Technical changes always available up-to-date
• Knowledge within seconds
• Always up-to-date
• No extra charge
• Worldwide applicable all around the clock
• Unlimited communication possibilities and knowledge transfer
• Complex technical devices become transparent

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