Banff Pork Seminar: focus on profitability

20-01-2009 | |

This year’s edition of the Banff Pork Seminar, to be held in Alberta, Canada and starting tonight, will focus on the theme ‘bringing back profitability’.

The seminar will begin with an opening reception after which the central theme will be key during three full days – from 21-23 January.

Several speakers from renowned colleges and companies throughout Canada and some from the United States will be present to share their views.

On the first full day (Wednesday), emphasis will be on ‘Competitiveness in the processing, retail and export sectors’; the second day will explore the theme a ‘Roadmap for rebound’ and the third and closing day will focus on a ‘Pork industry update – price & production forecasts’.

The last day will be closed off with a series of afternoon breakout sessions, with presentations on labour, PRRS, antibiotics, careful pig production and reducing feed costs.

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