Bakery meal

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Dr Ioannis Mavromichalis International consulting nutritionist, Ariston Nutrition, Madrid, Spain
Bakery meal

Bakery meal is a hugely undervalued ingredient. It is a source of a number of problems, but on the other hand, it can be a tremendous ingredient in any high-quality piglet formula. Let me explain…


Bakery meal can be high in salt, high in sugar, high in fat, or high in any and all of the above! High-sugar bakery meal is not a problem, as long as this is taken into account during formulation.

The same is true regarding high fat content. But, having a high salt content, in formulas that already contain enough sodium from fish meal and animal plasma, can be a real problem. Also, and this is equally important, if fat is rancid, feed intake will drop markedly.

So, it appears that it is the lack of standardisation from the side of the providers that reduce the acceptance of this ingredient by nutritionists and feed manufacturers. Obtaining bakery meal from

a single factory (not a mixing plant) can reduce variability. In some instances, given enough volume, a high-sugar product can be obtained. This, in my opinion, is the best product because

sucrose can replace lactose.

Given a known and standardised quality, I have been able to use up to 30% (sweet) bakery meal in piglet diets without any problems! In fact, piglets appear to like these diets tremendously!

I would be happy to read about your experiences!

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