BabyMilk for piglets to improve gut health and performance

16-05-2012 | |

The formulation of BabyMilk has been upgraded to improve gut health and growth performance in piglets. This innovation is the first in a series as the Milkiwean team at Trouw Nutrition Belgium will introduce a new product portfolio in the coming months.

Recently Milkiwean launched an upgraded formulation of BabyMilk (with plasma) for newborn piglets. A revised distribution of energy in the raw materials and the addition of Fibosel immunostimulant provide better growth performance and lower mortality, leading to improved profitability for pig farmers.  
The product was extensively analysed and tested within the context of the focus on improved intestinal health. Fats were replaced by other high-energy ingredients that improve the feed intake. The renewed composition of the BabyMilk ensures a better energy distribution within the raw materials. The revised proportion of sugars, starch and fats results in the improved digestion of the milk, which makes the BabyMilk significantly safer. This leads to an improved feed intake and a smoother transition to solid feed.
Next to the renewed composition, the immunostimulant Fibosel was added to the new BabyMilk. Fibosel is a high-quality source of activated beta-glucans, known to stimulate the natural immune system of the piglets.
Baby Milk:
– Milk replacer with plasma for:
     1. Supplementation in the farrowing house
     2. Feeding of small weaned piglets
– Supplementation of large litters (> 12 piglets/sow)
– Reduction of piglet mortality
– Supplementation of light weaned piglets
– Higher feed intake before weaning
– Better start and growth after weaning