Babcock genetics’ Costa Rican partnership

24-09-2008 | |

Babcock Genetics, a leading supplier of closed herd proprietary pork genetics, has announced a partnership with Alimentos Cristal, a food, feed and genetics company based in Zarcero, Costa Rica.

Alimentos Cristal President Nelson Rojas said “the objective of this partnership is to provide local producers with first rate closed herd genetics that are necessary to support the pork marketing strategy of our company.”

Kevin Schleusner, Babcock’s Sales and Marketing Manager, said “we have worked diligently in recent months to establish a first rate daughter nucleus herd in Costa Rica.

This herd provides the foundation for Alimentos Cristal in Costa Rica as well as other countries as their market expands.” Alimentos Cristal will market throughout Central America as well as Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela and other countries in Latin America.

“Costa Rica’s high health status is a key to marketing in other countries in Central and South America,” Schleusner added, “and this partnership utilising Babcock’s superior genetics will help Alimentos Cristal expand their expertise.”

Babcock Genetics has been a well-known supplier of closed herd swine genetic programs for 40 years. The company employs genetic consultants who provide onsite training and continuing support for customers to insure that the closed genetic system delivers beneficial results.

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