Average pig price in EU lower everywhere

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Average pig price in EU lower everywhere

Average prices for pigs in the European Union (EU) in the first 40 weeks of 2007 are €1.32, the Dutch agricultural newspaper Agrarisch Dagblad reports.

The price was calculated by comparing the weekly pig prices for 1 kg slaughterweight in 13 different countries throughout the EU, monitored by the German pig producers’ organisation ISN.

In 2006, that same price was €1.44. 2006 showed an average pig price of €1.42 – a significant difference with €1.32  for 2007.

In the Netherlands, for instance, the current cost prices for pork are estimated at €1.65. It is expected that prices in Europe are similar to this price.

In Germany, the average price in 2007 to-date was €1.312. The highest pig prices were seen in the weeks 29 until 32 – €1.436 per kg.

In the Netherlands, the maximum was reached in these same weeks.

In Denmark, prices are lower than in Germany, with a price of €1.267 in week 40.

According to ISN, the weakness of the British pound is the cause of this decrease, as the Danes export a lot of hams and bacon to the UK.

Spain sees relatively the highest prices for pigs, with an average of €1.428 – and even topping €1.630 in weeks 26 and 27. The quotations have decreased dramatically, however, during the last weeks, with current prices of €1.246 being the lowest in Europe.

The drop is explained by a 7% growth, causing the Spanish market to be saturated.

No more price decreases
ISN does not expect more price decreases, as exports to Russia are growing again and the Hanover futures market is hopeful with contracts of more than €1.60.

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