Australian Pork appoints new board members

26-11-2008 | |

Australian Pork Limited has announced the appointment of two new directors to its board and also welcomes the re-appointment of two previous directors, following the industry’s annual general meeting in Melbourne last week.

Neil Ferguson and Dr Ian Parish were elected as producer directors, while Kathy Grigg and Kay Carey were appointed as specialist directors.

Based in Western Australia, Ferguson is the general manager of Westpork Pty Ltd. He also chairs the WA Agriculture Produce Commission (Pork Committee) and is on the Committee of Pork Training WA. Melbourne-based, newly appointed specialist director Grigg has a background in finance and operational management.

Re-appointments, Parish and Carey, are obviously no strangers to Australia’s pork industry. Parish is a pork producer in his own right as well as chairman of Auspork and Australian Pork Farms, while Carey is the board’s marketing specialist.

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