Australian pig producers must verify safety

16-11-2006 | |

Australian pig producers and pork processors have been reminded that they must verify the safety of live pigs and processed pork destined for export under the PigPass on-farm quality-assurance programme.

PigPass requires that as of 1 January 2007, all pigs exported to slaughter plants outside Australia must be accompanied by a National Vendor Declaration (PigPass) .

The Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) require that all exported pork offal, must meet the food and safety requirements of the importing country.
“Both AQIS and exporters have agreed that from 1 January 2007, pigs may not be accepted for export process if producers are not able to include a current quality-assurance certification number on each PigPass NVD form ,” said Australian Pork Limited (APL) chief executive officer Andrew Spencer.
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